The Night Sky Garden: Bereavement Care

Healing Human Hearts and Helping Animals Thrive

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Connecting with an Ordained Interspecies Animal Chaplain

Transform grief and other emotions

“Peace in ourselves, peace in the world.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

When you connect with me as your Animal Chaplain, you can establish a transformative relationship with your emotions and may confidently navigate your day-to-day life. My heart lies in companion animals and humans in grief and other emotions. I support people with difficult decisions when it comes to animal loss.

Whether you’re in need of memorials, ceremonies, rituals, one-on-one support, guidance with compassion fatigue, or in need of something else, I work with you individually to create care that shapes your needs. The materials used in my business are eco-friendly and vegan!

Other ways I can support you include:

Small Memorial Gardens: Interested in dedicating a space outdoors or indoors to commemorate the loss of an animal? I will consult with you and install live native or near-native plants in small areas. Let’s discuss how plant life can transform living spaces to accommodate memorials.

Advocacy: We’ll discuss your interests and align your advocacy interests with who you want to support whether they are finned, furry, scaled, feathered, two-legged, four-legged, or have roots! If you’re currently participating in advocacy, rescue, and/or care work, I offer support for compassion fatigue and burnout.

Concern about a Human-Wildlife Conflict: As spaces continue to grow and develop for human interests, wildlife find themselves striving to meet the needs of themselves and their family and friends. I can help you respectfully navigate situations with wildlife that elevates safety and security for everyone involved including human or other-than-human individuals.

Other Questions You May Have

  • What is an Animal Chaplain? As an Ordained Interspecies Animal Chaplain, I honor animal lives and heal human hearts. Additionally, I help humans and animals thrive and aid people with difficult decisions.
  • How long have you been vegan? I’ve been vegan for nine years and I was vegetarian for seven years before that starting in college.
  • What was the reason that you went vegan? I learned about the environmental impact of animal agriculture and the ethical implications of exploiting someone. Connecting with residents at a local farmed animal sanctuary transformed my understanding of what it means to be present with someone and provide sanctuary.
  • Where do you offer support? My supports are online and locally in the Denver area. I am happy to travel up to 50 miles outside of the zip code 80011 (and might have extra costs).
  • About Me: From a young age, Alaina was delighted and inspired by other beings from the tiny squiggling worms to the furry, finned, and shelled family members who she shared a home with. With over a decade of experience working with children and teenagers of all abilities, she brings a unique skill set to empathize and understand regardless of someone’s age. Alaina’s passion for advocacy blends interests in freedoms for animals, humans, and our beautiful planet. Given her history of direct support aiding individuals of various species in animal shelters and in animal sanctuaries, Alaina’s experiences and ability to companion others lend to deep understanding.