FRIEND animal rescue

Rescuing animals and promoting ethical Veganism since 1994

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Vegan Animal Sanctuary in Kent


FRIEND is a farm animal sanctuary with nearly 200 animals. They find their way here through being unwanted, abused, neglected or abandoned. The sanctuary offers a free roaming (as far as possible and safe) home to chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, cows, goats, sheep and one alpaca who thinks he’s a sheep, on a 10 acre site nestled in between the orchards and hop farms of rural Kent. The 35+ pigs live in their own paddock with wallows.

Cussie Chakka, the Alpaca with his gang on a beautiful sunny day.

FRIEND was established in 1994, when its founder Marion bought a disabled lamb at a livestock market. She then decided all animals that came would have a life of peaceful existence for the rest of their days. Today FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary is run with a vegan philosophy of education about animal welfare and the need for a world of compassion to all its inhabitants, fauna and flora alike. As well as educating visitors about the animals, we are working to make the sanctuary an example of ecological sustainability, for example planting native trees and growing food as part of a permaculture design.

Financial donations are spent on food, bedding, essential equipment and veterinary bills. We are a no kill sanctuary, we rehome a small amount of companion animals but most of the animals that live here stay with us until the day they die.

Our mission

ERIC snuggled up his new Ark full of warm straw.

Our mission is to offer sanctuary to unwanted, neglected and abused animals, while educating about animals, veganism and ecological sustainability. We hope to contribute to a world in which humans and animals can live in a mutually sustained environment through practices like vegan organic permaculture farming systems.


We are open to the public from 27th May – 7th October 2018 on Wednesdays and Sundays between 10:30 – 15:00. We will close again in the autumn/winter so don’t wait too long to visit! Our 2019 weekly visitor dates will be announced in early spring.



89 Bush Rd, East Peckham, Tonbridge, TN12 5LJ


Volunteer information

We are able to accept a small number of essential volunteers.

We will always need voluntary help to provide the level of care we like to give here and we would especially like more local volunteers on a regular daily basis if possible. But of course we are flexible.

If you’re interested in applying please email us at

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and what interests you about volunteering and what skills you may offer.

We accept a wide range of people so don’t worry if you haven’t worked with animals before, its more important that you love animals and are open to learning how to care for them.

At the moment we are only able to accept volunteers over the age of 18.

We are looking for:

Volunteers with animal care experience, especially those with medical knowledge to support our intensive care work.

Weekdays especially Wednesday and Friday.

We are always in need of builders, carpenters, electricians, ground workers to help us with our infrastructure development.

We also would appreciate the help of any graphic designers or web designers too as we are hoping to develop the website and social media into something more dynamic.

We are looking for Artists who enjoy creating signs and pieces of Art for the site there are many diverse opportunities to contribute.

We are a safe sanctuary space for animals and humans alike. We do not allow any animal products onsite and operate a strict Anti oppression Policy which we urge you to read before applying to work as a volunteer. Thank You.

We are not open for visitors in winter, as it can get very muddy, but we still run volunteer days throughout winter. Find out more here



We have finished booking exclusive VIP tours of FRIEND with Mark Eaton this year.

We are booking limited tours from May 2022, please email for details.

These tours are private and give a more personal experience than the larger events which suits many people. We can tailor the tour to meet your groups individual needs.

The tour will last for 1 hour ( sometimes a bit longer ) You will be guided by Mark who has lived and breathed sanctuary life for over 17 years and who has a wealth of experience and knowledge.

You will get to meet all the animals, feed them and visit all public areas. You will hear Mark’s great stories, learn all about the animals and ask questions.

The basic tour for a standard group 1-4 people is £55 inclusive. Larger groups considered please email us to discuss.

This would make a great surprise birthday treat or a special gift to yourself.

To make the day even more special there are some additional extras available which need to be ordered in advance.

Please contact us to check prices and availability of extras.

Extras include Tea/Coffee and brownies.

Birthday Package

We offer a special Birthday package which includes:

A personal guided tour

100% Vegan Brownies, strawberries and Ice Cream Tea.

A Be My FRIEND on my Birthday Certificate.

Different sized groups considered.

New packages TBA for 2022

As a price guide standard group( 1-4 people) £120.


To book your tour please email us directly at charity@friendfarmanimalsanctuary. – dates are booking up very fast.