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We rescue and advocate for farmed animals.

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About us


Forrest & Friends is an animal shelter for animals that have been rescued from the livestock industry, as well as animals that have been neglected and/or dumped.

Since 2017, we have been committed, together with our volunteers, to offer our animals the best possible life. In 2020 our shelter had about 300 animals. The majority of the animals are permanent residents, but Forrest & Friends is also a pig shelter. We are looking for a golden meadow for our pot-bellied pigs and roosters, a place where they can grow old without worry.

At Forrest & Friends, the animals are in charge. That means that their care always comes first.

We believe that all animals deserve a life like the animals in our sanctuary, which is why we also do education and awareness. Did you know that a pig is as intelligent as a three-year-old child, that cattle bond for life and that turkeys show a lot of affection when you take good care of them?

By conducting tours and providing information through our channels, we are building a future where animals are no longer considered food, entertainment, clothing, test objects or merchandise. Because, if we can live happily and healthily without hurting others, why shouldn’t we?

Pig shelter

Forrest & Friends also recognized by the Flemish government as a pig shelter.

Why did we choose to be an asylum too? As a shelter we can put animals up for adoption. We started our shelter in the first plate for pot bellied pigs. These animals are often bought as cute piglets, but they also grow up, the cuteness disappears and they are dumped, sent to shelters or just neglected.

Asylums are aware of this problem and therefore often no longer accept pot-bellied pigs. Every week we are asked to take in pigs, this is untenable for shelters that do not focus on pigs.

That is why we provide space for relocations in our shelter.

To Arise

In September 2017, Dimitri and Sofie founded Forrest & Friends VZW.

Both vets have been volunteers at various animal shelters since childhood. Becoming a veterinarian was therefore a logical step for them. They had been toying with the idea of ​​setting up an animal shelter for animals from agriculture for some time, but a shelter is not the same as a shelter.

After a lot of thinking and planning, Dimitri and Sofie decided to set up both a shelter and an asylum. For example, a shelter was created where animals were given a temporary home and where we would look for a new nest for them, and a shelter or sanctuary where animals get a permanent home on our meadows.

For the shelter, the couple decided to focus on (pot-bellied) pigs and roosters, two animal species that are often kept as hobby animals and are dumped. But in addition to relocating pigs and roosters, Dimitri and Sofie wanted to give other animals a chance to live a life free of exploitation, pain and horrific death.


Our sanctuary and asylum therefore has two founders who, in addition to their job, are committed to the shelter. In addition, there is one employee who works part-time and we can count on 15 caretakers who are committed to our animals day in day out, through all kinds of weather.

Every month we hold a Work Party where volunteers help to do odd jobs. The food bank supplies us with a lot of food and Maya Seitanmakerij also donates what remains of their production process for our animals. The financial backbone of our operation are our godparents/sponsors as well as the events organized by our volunteers.

How can you help?


The contributions of our godmothers, godfather and sponsors are the financial backbone of our shelter. Although the financial contribution is used for the operation of the entire sanctuary, you can become godmother / godfather / sponsor of one or more animals. As godmother/godfather/sponsor you can visit the animals as much as you want! We only ask to make an appointment a week in advance.

When you become godmother/godfather/sponsor, we will add your name to the photo of your animal on Facebook and on this website (see Friends of Forrest ).

How do you choose an animal?

Go to ‘Friends of Forrest’ or to our Facebook page. Choose an animal
Click the button below. If you do not have a preference, you can also write down the species name (eg ‘goat’), then we will assign you an animal.

We work with a monthly transfer to our account number:
BE13 0689 0764 9639 stating “godfather / godmother / sponsor *name of the animal you want to sponsor*” As soon as we have received your first payment, we will add your name to the animal in question and you are godmother/godfather/sponsor.

How much does a Godmother/godfather/sponsorship cost?

big pig- big pig: 10€/month
pot-bellied pig: 7€/month
goat/sheep/pigeon/chicken: 5€/month
pony: 10€/month
beef: 15€/month

How do you become godmother/godfather/sponsor?

Click on the button below and fill in your details. When you make the payment afterwards, we will add your name and we will keep you informed of the goings on at the sanctuary via our ‘Friends of Forrest’ mailing that goes especially to godmothers/godparents/sponsor.


If you are already a godmother/godfather/sponsor but have not yet received your mailing, feel free to fill in this document .

Thank you very much for your support!

Become godmother / godfather / sponsor