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Little Oak Sanctuary is situated on over 200 acres of land under an hour from Canberra, the South Coast, Goulburn and under 3 hours from Sydney.

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Vegan Farm Animal Sanctuary in New South Wales

In 2012, we adopted two piglets, one girl, and one boy. We named these two Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Piggy (or Tiger, for short) and Little Timmy Piglet.

Little did we know the place these two amazing beings would take in our hearts!

As we were very soon to learn, pigs, like the dogs and cats we typically share our homes with, have very unique personalities. Tiger was full of in your face curiosity, and like a human baby everything had to go into her mouth – edible or not! She would bound around the corner after her breakfast and make bok bok bok grunts (which she makes to this day with people she recognises) before launching an assault on whatever toy or thing she could find. To this day she cannot resist buttons, zippers, buckles or shoelaces! She has to have a trial nibble

Little Timmy Piglet on the other hand, was a more snugly baby. He was a boy of lap cuddles and belly-rubs, with the occasional mad fit of dancing thrown in for good measure

As the piglets grew, so did these personalities, with Timmy always keen for a belly rub, and Tiger always needing to know what was going on. The two were now living outside, enjoying digging the dirt with their noses and cooling themselves in their wallow.

Sadly our Little Timmy Piglet, towards the end of 2012, became ill. Our brave man battled recurring infections that ended with him losing his life. In December, the infection must have tragically reached his brain and he passed away suddenly during a vet examination.

That was January 4th of 2013. This little man will not be forgotten. He planted a seed in our hearts, and we will continue to share the message of living with compassion for all living creatures.

We planted an oak tree over his grave _ it seemed to fit well – Timmy was a tiny piglet whom grew to be a young pig of great strength and yet great gentleness. We know his time on this earth although short, was one of great meaning. Little Timmy Piglets Oak tree although small, is a tree of great strength.

We named the sanctuary Little Oak to reflect this and honour Timmy. It is a sanctuary that is small in size, but hopes to be one of great strength the strength of both compassion and information.

About Us

Little Oak Sanctuary is situated on over 200 acres of land under an hour from Canberra, the South Coast, Goulburn and under 3 hours from Sydney.

Creating a compassionate world for animals

Do you think the world could use more compassion? We do too. We provide a place of sanctuary for farmed animals in need. At Little Oak Sanctuary, our work promotes the idea that compassion is an action word that should have no boundaries by its very definition. As a sanctuary for farmed animals, we provide refuge for animals who have come from abuse, neglect or abandonment, those who have nowhere else to turn.

We work towards a world where there is compassion for all animals through our empathy education programs for kids, advocacy and open days. A passionate for-purpose organisation, we seek solutions that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Private Sanctuary Tours

Adults: Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Aged 15+: $50 Max Group Size: 6

Children: Min Group Size: 2 Adults

3-14 years: $10 Host: Sanctuary Co-Founders Kate & James

Infants: 0-2: FREE

During the visit, we’ll meet the animal residents of Little Oak and Kate will tell you their story and how they came to find sanctuary.

The animals are all individuals; some are introverted, some are more extroverted, and we respect that. Likely encounters include sheep, like Owen Woolson, an orphaned lamb and his buddy Rambo.

We’ll talk with Kevin and Sidney the Turkey toms, meet horse racing industry survivors Lucky and Didge, and their Clydesdale friend Clancy. James Brown, Jack Black and Barry White are three dairy industry survivors who love meeting new people. Moving from the big guys to the small, we’ll meet mini ponies Lancelot and Phoenix, rescued from neglect.

To finish off, we’ll head on down to visit Charlotte, Portia, Prince and Willow, pointing out their other piggy friends as we go. We’ll finish up at the Sharing Shed, where you can check out more information that we have available about our work before you go!

Volunteer at Little Oak farm animal sanctuary

Would you like to volunteer at a farm animal sanctuary? Are you passionate about animals and the environment? Interested in learning about the care of farm animals? Enjoy spending time with like-minded, compassionate people? If so, you might be interested in volunteering with us at Little Oak Sanctuary! Please see below for available opportunties.

Sanctuary Hand

Weekend volunteering

Our Sanctuary Hand volunteers assist us most weekends; tasks include cleaning yards, refreshing bedding, undertaking routine animal health tasks, putting out feed, helping construct fences, shelters etc.

​If volunteering at Little Oak Farm Animal Sanctuary sounds like something you’d enjoy, please complete the form below. Each month we send an email to our list of volunteers outlining the upcoming dates for volunteering, and our volunteers simply sign up for any times they’re available via a google sheet. Typically a volunteering day will run from 10 am-2 pm with vegan lunch brought and shared by volunteers.

Our sanctuary is a safe place for all – it is a place of compassion and respect. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia or body shaming. Please read our code of conduct before applying, if you are not happy complying with the code, volunteering with us is not for you.

​If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, please complete the application form below.

Vet Care Animal Assistant

up to 1day a week volunteer position

As the number of animals in care increases, we are seeking a vet or vet nurse to work as an animal care assistant, volunteering one day per week, specialising in the maintenance and care of the sanctuary’s animals.

You will work alongside our on-site animal care team, helping to undertake animal maintenance tasks such as worming, hoof maintenance, grooming, vaccinations, and health checks on each of the 200+ residents in our care.

This position will help to identify health issues that require escalation for veterinary treatment and to undertake further research and document chronic conditions or conditions that affect elderly farmed animals, for which limited treatment plans exist.

You must be available one day per week between Friday and Monday, although the specific day of work may change depending on animal health care tasks required, as such, flexibility is required.

​Farmed animal experience is required and qualifications as either a veterinary nurse or veterinarian essential. Compassion for animals and calm and gentle nature is essential.

​Please submit your resume and application via email through the button below.

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Fantastic sanctuary doing amazing work

Little Oak Sanctuary is an amazing organisation that does wonderful work with rescued farm animals. They do incredible advocacy work and have open days where you can come and meet the residents.

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