Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary

We rescue and provide sanctuary to animals in need.

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We rescue and provide sanctuary to animals in need, currently providing lifelong love and care to over 450 rescued animals. Through education, outreach, advocacy, community enrichment and farm tours, we encourage people to expand their circle of compassion to include all animals.

Where we began

Edgar’s Mission was founded by Pam Ahern and named after her first rescued pig, Edgar. Edgar Alan Pig, aka ‘the pig who started it all’, sadly passed away shortly after his seventh birthday party in April 2010. Edgar, a gentle giant, touched so many people and was an amazing ambassador for pigs and farmed animals everywhere. He will be missed beyond words _ but his mission will continue.

Why do farmed animals need rescuing?

An estimated 500 million ‘food’ or ‘production’ animals in Australia are excluded from the protections of animal welfare legislation.

They endure lives of abject misery in factory farms: barely able to move, they are subjected to acts of cruelty that would be illegal if done to a cat or dog. They live without sunshine, without freedom, without being able to socialise, without hope.

As custodians of this planet, humans have designated some animals ‘friends’ and some animals ‘food’. Yet all animals share the same capacity to suffer, the same need and desire to experience life, and for it to have joy, meaning and purpose.

Edgar’s Mission provides you with a glimpse into a different world  – a world of kindness.

Why We Exist

You might be surprised to learn that in Australia, pigs are not protected from cruelty. They, along with cows, chickens, sheep and other farmed animals, are specifically excluded from the animal cruelty laws that protect cats and dogs. But how could this be? Pigs are just as smart, in fact thought smarter, than dogs. They have the most engaging personalities, enjoy good food and the sun, seek out companionship, love their babies and desperately try to protect their own lives.

Back in 2003, an idea was borne out of kindness. Knowing how wonderful and deserving of life pigs really are, and seeing the reality of their situation, the time was ripe to get people connecting with pigs and learn of their plight. With Hollywood actor, James Cromwell of the hit ‘Babe’ movie in Australia at the time, a golden opportunity for pigs was presented.

With James readily accepting the invitation to champion the cause of pigs, a pig was needed for a photo shoot. But where to find a pig?With Pam procuring a Land race/Large White cross piglet from a commercial piggery, a chain reaction was set off that would change the course of history for Pam and Edgar Alan Pig, and save the lives of countless farmed animals.

Building Edgar’s Mission from the ground up, the rescued residents became ambassadors for their kind – showing the world that each is an individual, complete with their rich emotional world and just like us, they seek to live a peaceful and happy life surrounded by their family and friends.Today farmed animal sanctuaries around the world are shining a spotlight of compassion on these once forgotten animals, and in doing so opening hearts and minds to kinder ways of living.

Best Buddies

What is a Best Buddy? A Best Buddy sponsorship is a once off donation gift you can give a loved one personalised for any occasion.

How does it work? All you need to do is choose your Best Buddy, pick the start date (your friend’s birthday, wedding, etc.) and fill in their details. On your chosen start date, you and your friend will be emailed a sponsorship certificate, a beautiful coloured photo and their Best Buddy’s profile.

What’s a Postal Pack? We’ll post your loved one a printed profile, mounted certificate and photo of their Best Buddy along with stickers and flyers, all bound together inside a recycled folder. We’ll still email you and your friend the sponsorship pack.

Want to do more? If you’re sponsoring a Best Buddy for yourself to support our mission of kindness, please learn more about our monthly donor program on our Best Friends page.

Please note: Our best buddy program is intended for personal use only. To share with family and friends and of course as a gift to yourself, it is not for commercial or promotional use or gain.

Thank you for your support and belief in a kinder world. Not only will your gift show your loved one you care, it will help ensure our lifesaving work continues – rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need, caring for our residents and advocating on behalf of all farmed animals.

Make a donation to Edgar’s Mission

We are tax-deductible!

Did you know? Edgar’s Mission is a registered DGR Charity (ABN 75001 177 836). This means that any donation over $2 is now tax deductible for Australian residents. For donors domiciled overseas, please check your local tax laws before claiming a deduction.

Become a Monthly Donor

Your monthly pledge to Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary will make the world of difference to a farm animal in need. With over 300 rescued farm animals in our care and over 2,000 having found sanctuary through our farm gates, our ongoing costs are enormous and ever increasing.

Our humane education and advocacy programs give an extra arm to the life saving and life changing work of our small but dedicated team. In the last financial year the operating expenses for our not for profit haven for animals exceeded $18,000 per month.

We understand that not everyone is in a position to make a regular commitment but you can still support our vital work through a once off tax-deductible donation.

Other Ways to donate

Donate by PayPal

PayPal can be selected as a payment gateway at checkout from our online donation page.

Donate by bank transfer
Donations can be made via a bank transfer to our bank account. Please remember to send us your contact details so we can send you a tax receipt!

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