We honor the well-being of our planet and all creatures on it, be it four-legged, feathered, or human.

We encourage understanding what effects our daily food decisions have on animals and our environment.

We champion progress over perfection and honor small changes that lead to big impact.

Impact-Focused Programs

Every choice we make at Sweet Farm is centered around maximizing impact. With our centralized location in the tech hub that is the San Francisco Bay Area, we are working to inspire change in the hearts and minds of all individuals, from local families and farmers, to CEOs and investors. FARM ANIMAL RESCUE AND REHABILITATION

We rescue and rehabilitate farm animals from various circumstances within the food system. These animal ambassadors spread the message that they deserve our compassion and respect, and help educate farm visitors around issues related to animal welfare, factory farming, and sustainability.


Sweet Farm offers hands-on agriculture-based programs to inspire people to bring greater compassion to how they source, prepare, and eat food. We celebrate biodiversity, growing heirloom, open-pollinated seeds using veganic, sustainable methods.


Our educational programs promote the ease and joy of plant-based living. These include on-the-farm classes and events, tours, volunteer days, and community outreach, as well as online education and advocacy that reaches a global audience.


We partner with innovative start-ups in the food, agriculture, sustainability and climate technology sectors to provide them with a diverse range of support, including access to funding, expanded networking, mentorship, product showcases and promotion. We believe innovation is the key to true, global change.

Ways to Donate

When you give to Sweet Farm you help make the world a more compassionate and sustainable place. Through participating in our education, inspiration and innovation programs you join us in our work to change the global food web, the lives of animals worldwide, and the environment. You also help spread awareness and further our message of a kinder and cleaner world. We sincerely appreciate your support.

Become a member


One of our most important funding streams, your membership helps continue our life-saving work for the animals, the plants and our planet. Plus, you’ll receive invitations to all our events, access to monthly member days, special discounts, and more.


Sponsor An animal

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Sweet Farm is home to more than 150 rescued farm animals. You can support us by sponsoring an animal to help cover the costs of food, bedding, and medical care.



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Donations go directly to feeding and caring for animals, funding our hands-on agricultural programs, community outreach, and technology initiatives.


Gift A Veggie Share

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Sweet Farm grows veganic heirloom fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Your gift of a veggie share will send fresh produce to low-income Bay Area families and farmers.