Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary

Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary provides care and shelter to farmed animals in need. Set on 100 acres in the lower Hunter Valley in New South Wales

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Vegan Farm Sanctuary in Australia


Where Pigs Fly Vegan Farm Sanctuary was founded in 2014 to combat the abuses of animal agriculture and encourage a new awareness and understanding of farmed animals. We have rescued hundreds of farmed animals and cared for them at our sanctuary in Sydney, Australia. At Where Pigs Fly Vegan Farm Sanctuary, these animals are our friends, not our food. We educate thousands of people about their plight and the effects of animal agriculture on our health and environment.

Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary is committed to ending cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate cruelty-free living through education, and advocacy efforts. Please join us. A compassionate world begins with you!


A world in which humans embrace and practice compassion and respect for all species.


To protect farmed animals from cruelty and abuse, to inspire change in the way society views and treats farmed animals and to promote compassionate, cruelty-free living.


  • We engage people wherever they are on their journey to a cruelty-free lifestyle
  • Promoting a plant-based diet is best for animals, human health, and the environment
  • Animals exist for their own purposes and are not merely consumable resources
  • We support incremental change
  • All human and nonhuman animals should be treated with compassion and respect
  • Positive human-animal connections and interactions are an effective means of education and transformation


We are dedicated to animal rescue. All donations are gratefully received and will go directly towards providing shelter and care for the rescued animals.

Donations over $2.00 are tax-deductible.


The majority of farmed animals in this country, and worldwide, are stuck in the horrific farming system that exists today. Rather than repeatedly saying –someone should do something” we decided we should do something. We saw that the farm sanctuary movement was growing and was increasingly effective in educating and influencing the broader community.

We decided to be a part of that and took the big leap. The sanctuary movement represents to us the potential to recreate a positive paradigm for our relationship with animals. Farm animal sanctuaries such as Where Pigs Fly gives us the platform to show people –this is how it could be”. Farmed animals living in peace, free from harm and suffering. Worldwide, we are in an increasing wave of social consciousness surrounding animal rights. We hope to play a small part in making that wave bigger with all you good people out there. For the animals.

Debbie and Jamie


We have over 180 rescue farmed animals at the sanctuary saved from cases of severe abuse, neglect or abandonment. Below are just a few of the rescue residents that live at Where Pigs Fly Vegan Farm Sanctuary, some are available to sponsor.

Our animal sponsorships cost A$75.00 and are an affordable way to help us cover the costs of the rescued animals’ care. Animal sponsorships are perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and Christmas. You or your chosen recipient will receive a beautiful, personalised photo card of the animal you select.

The cards will be mailed within five workings days from receipt of order. Please note our animal sponsorships are symbolic, and the funds go towards the feed and care of all the animal residents and are not earmarked to that specific animal. You are one of many sponsors for animals selected under our animal sponsorship programme.


Where Pigs Fly Vegan Farm Sanctuary is located close to the picturesque village of Laguna If you are driving from Sydney or Newcastle, just jump off the F3/M1 Freeway at the Peats Ridge exit and follow signs for Tourist Drive 33. We are one hour south of Newcastle and just 90mins from Sydney CBD. Easily a day trip.


Join us on our popular sanctuary tours where you meet a wide range of our rescued animals – cows, pigs, ducks, goats, sheep, horses, chickens, turkeys, donkeys and more. As we tour their home, we will share their individual stories of rescue and rehabilitation, learn about their personalities, facts about each species, and information on the impact of the animal agricultural industry on their lives, our planet and our health. Our tours are fun and informative with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Our tours sell out very fast. Make sure you don’t miss out by signing up to our email alerts.


Where Pigs Fly hosts private tours for up to 10 people. This unique experience allows for personal time with our rescued farm animals and a more hands-on experience of sanctuary life. The tours are taken by one of the sanctuary’s founders and you will be personally introduced to many of the rescue animals, and hear their stories of rescue and recovery.

We also regularly host groups at the farm—everything from birthday parties to engagements to christenings to large volunteer groups. We welcome everyone and can customise the event to meet your needs. Cost for private tours start at $1000.00.

Interested in a private tour or hosting an event at Where Pigs Fly? Email us at hello@wherepigsfly.org for all enquiries.


Planning a company outing or volunteer work day? Ditch the typical hotel ballroom or conference centre and get to know your co-workers and clients in a purposefully unplugged outdoor setting while helping to make the world a more compassionate and sustainable place.

Experience a diverse range of tasks like; animal husbandry, farm maintenance and crop growing. Interact and learn more about the resident farmed animals who are Where Pigs Fly’s ambassadors. Packages can be customised to meet the needs and goals of your organisation. Please contact us via email.


Where Pigs Fly would love to be a part of your special day! We can host small wedding parties at the sanctuary in a stunning outdoor setting. You can also book us for your wedding or engagement photo shoot. For more information about planning a wedding, please email us.