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Vegan Haircare

HairLust is a Danish brand dedicated to improving and maintaining natural beauty and healthy hair. By focusing on delivering natural products for both inner and outer hair care, we take up the fight against taboos such as thin hair and hair loss.

In the beginning of 2017, HairLust was created with innovation, sustainability and transparency as the foundation stone. Based on these core values ​​and a focus on the close relationship with our customers, we have come to stay. We have taken up the fight against the large multinational conglomerates and their traditional hair care products.
We’re obsessed with hair

With a natural and holistic approach to hair care, our hair supplements, hair care products and hair accessories in combination provide the best conditions for healthier hair.

We want to be transparent and down to earth throughout our business and value chain. We are fully transparent with our raw materials and ingredients. We do not hide any harsh chemistry but want to give full insight into the engine room. Our natural ingredients are carefully selected, always with an eye for natural ingredients that benefit the health of the hair and the environment.

Inside Out Synergy

Our focus is not just on inner or outer hair care, but on the effective combination of the two. Inner hair care is good. Outer hair care is good. Inner and outer hair care is really good and creates an optimal synergy effect. With HairLust you get optimal inner and outer hair care products, which complement each other in an effective way.

Young or old, female or male – at some point everybody experiences problems with hair loss and thinning hair. In a world where everything has to go faster, people have to perform increasingly more, and the beauty standards are almost impossible to live up to, stress and frustration can lead to us gradually losing more hair. And no one wants to talk about the problems because losing your hair is still a taboo. Instead, we put on a hat and pull the beanie well down below our ears.

But it doesn’t have to be like that! We believe that everyone is entitled to healthy hair. We founded HairLust with a clear goal to deliver effective, natural products at affordable prices in order to improve and maintain natural beauty and healthy hair. We wanted to open up conversations about the taboo of hair loss to help both men and women achieve healthier hair and better self-esteem.
Meet the team

Have you ever wondered who develops our products, designs our website and cares for our relationships with our retailers? Who takes the photos and makes videos for social media, markets our products or provides customer service to our lovely customers and other interested ones? Gradually, we have been growing and expanding our wings – it is no longer just in Denmark that we have faithful and loyal customers. We have also gotten tailwind in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and of course UK! We could not have done this without our fantastic customers. It is YOU we’ve listened to every day to continuously improve HairLust! Below, you can see a selection of the team behind HairLust who work hard every day so you never have a bad hair day again.

We don’t sell regular hair care products.

HairLust is much more than just another new hair care brand. HairLust was created to provide that mental, physical, and social boost it takes to break the taboo around hair loss and products that prevent hair loss. Our products not only contribute to healthy and gorgeous hair, but change the idea that hair care products against hair loss are dull. You shouldn’t keep our products hidden away in the cupboard but instead put them on display. We need to get better at being open about and share our journey towards healthy hair even in the worst of times, and no matter whether it’s due to stress, pregnancy, bad hair care routines or something else.

We are one of the best rated hair care brands in the industry and have some of the most loyal customers, followers and ambassadors throughout our markets. When our customers and ambassadors share their experiences and achievements with the whole world, we break the taboo around hair loss! The dietary supplements are no longer stored away in the cupboards, but are shared on social media. HairLust breathes new life into a traditional market and makes old-fashioned products attractive, effective and accessible to everyone.

HairLust has been awarded with 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, where our amazing customers share their hair journeys and recommendations of HairLust with great enthusiasm every single day.

The Story Behind HairLust

In 2017 Sofie Tidemand and Rasmus Serup experienced first-hand how much thinning hair and hair loss affects one’s self-esteem, especially in women for whom hair loss often is a problem that isn’t talked about in the same way as in men.
Both were well into their 20s and saw how much of a problem hair loss were for themselves as well as for people around them.

Sofie had the typical thin and fragile hair, which since her teenage years had been suffering from split ends and dry, damaged hair locks. This especially accelerated when as a teenager she got extensions, and after that her hair never returned to its initial, healthy state, partly due to stressful working periods and too little time to eat right, sleep right, and exercise sufficiently.

Like many men in their 20s, Rasmus’ friends started teasing each other about their starting hair loss and receding hairlines. A lot of them started wearing beanies and hats, even though it wasn’t cold outside – suddenly it became very popular to wear a beanie in order to hide the receding hairline.

Both could relate to the problem and taboo surrounding hair loss. But instead of ignoring the issue, accepting the low self-esteem and pull the beanie down even further, they decided to take action. Hair loss should no longer supposed to be a taboo, but something that was actually preventable and easy to talk about.

With previous experience from the dietary supplement business, both observed the growing trend of internal body care and an increased focus on inner beauty. That’s how the journey began towards carefully examining the potential for a dietary supplement specifically developed for the hair, which turned out to be a great success. It turned out they were not alone in their need for a natural, dietary supplement for inner hair care.

From then on, things started to move fast for Sofie and Rasmus. Today the entire team behind HairLust works every day to help both men and women to get a healthier, longer, thicker hair, as well as to inspire the dialogue and openness about the subject of hair loss. Not only do we wish to talk about and clarify that hair loss is natural. It is a subject that can be sensitive and negative for a lot of people, but we also want to make a difference by delivering innovative and sustainable products that actually work.

Started by sceptics – made for sceptics

Natural dietary supplements and hair care products against hair loss? We were sceptical ourselves before we started HairLust, but sometimes things aren’t too good to be true! We let the reviews speak for themselves, and the response from our customers cannot be mistaken. Most of them experience amazing results both regarding hair growth and hair health after using our products.

With time, beauty editors, customers, and other sceptics have recognised and praised HairLust for breaking with conservative traditions in the market and developing products that actually work.

Our Ingredient Values

We are immensely proud of our products and everything they are made of – from the natural and organic ingredients, to the packaging that contains them. Everything has been produced from pure ingredients of the best possible quality. Therefore we also care about what happens to our products after they have been enjoyed and emptied. To help you we have made some thorough upcycling guides, that show you how to up-cycle your empty HairLust containers or dispose of them correctly.

Our hair care products have been developed with a specific focus on innovation, sustainability and transparency. The natural ingredients have been carefully selected for their purity and effective properties on hair health and the environment.

Imagine a strawberry, which has been growing wildly in nature or on an organic field, completely untouched by the many pesticides used in conventional farming. A happy-go-lucky little strawberry that might look a little odd since it hasn’t been genetically modified to look like all other model-strawberries, but instead has had the freedom to grow naturally strong and completely full of vitamins and minerals. When you eat it, you won’t only get an amazing experience of the freshly sweet taste exploding on your taste buds, but your entire body will welcome this little strawberry for its pure and natural contents.

You are what you eat, the saying goes, but surely you will also become what you apply on your body or use for your hair.

We are convinced, that organic certifications, ingredients and products make a difference for you, your hair and your health. This is the reason why we use organic and natural ingredients whenever possible, and why most of our products have been certified organic and vegan. HairLust supplements are all free from artificial additives, preservatives, sweeteners and flavours as well as starch, yeast, lactose and gelatine. Instead, they are rich in nutrients that can help you get the very hair you have been dreaming of. All HairLust hair care products are free from parabens, phthalates, SLS and SLES, and most are even certified organic and vegan.

Why organic?

A large part of our products are certified organic and based on natural ingredients and pure raw materials. That is because we truly believe it makes a difference! Both for the quality of our products and for your health.

When cooking, we all prefer using familiar ingredients that we know what they are, and that can be gathered in nature and eaten without risking one’s health. But what we consume through dietary supplements, what we rub into our scalps or use for styling our hair also enters our bodies and affects our health. That is why we believe that pure, organic ingredients are the key to the good products, and why we use organic and natural ingredients whenever possible.

Most of our products are certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife and certified by COSMOS Organic, which is a recognized European certification for cosmetics. When a product is COSMOS Organic-certified, you can always see exactly what percentage of the ingredients are of natural origin and how much is organic.

In order for a cosmetic product to receive this certification, at least 95% of all ingredients in the product must be natural, and at least 95% of the natural oils in the product must be organic. At the same time, at least 10% of the ingredients that can be washed and at least 20% of the ingredients that cannot be washed must be organic.

COSMOS Organic ensures that the ingredients are produced responsibly and with respect for the environment. That is why you can be sure that a product with this certification is produced under conditions that considers both the environment and the employees, and that the packaging is responsibly developed in accordance with all applicable rules.

Why Vegan?

Most of our products are certified vegan, and those that are not certified are still produced 100% according to vegan conditions without the use of animal ingredients or animal experiments. That’s because we believe neither animals nor humans should suffer for beauty!

We have taken a stand, and we won’t even move an inch. We strive to make a difference for animal welfare, for the environment, for your health and for your hair, and we do it best by going all the way in.

Our vegan values ​​run deep, and that’s why a large part of our products are certified vegan by The Vegan Society and carry the The Vegan Trademark, which is an internationally recognized certification for authentic vegan products used worldwide.

In order to obtain the certification ”The Vegan Trademark”, the product cannot contain any animal ingredients, and in the process of manufacturing both products and ingredients no kind of animal testing can be used. In addition, it must be clear whether the product contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and if so, animal genes or substances cannot have been used. Last but not least, the product must be manufactured without any risk of contact with animal ingredients or products.

Say NO to:

Unfortunately, many ingredients in products for both hair and skin do more harm than good. We have chosen to completely avoid them in all of our products. Beauty must not be at the expense of your health or well-being! If you agree, say no to:
Parabenes: Butylparaben, isobutylparaben, propylparaben, methylparaben og ethylparaben

Ftalater: Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP), diethyl phthalate (DEP), diethylhexyl og diethyl hexyl phthalate (DEHP)

Synthetic SL sulphates: sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), lauryl ether sulphate (SLES) and sodium lauryl ether sulphate (SLES)